A Holiday Hangover

holiday hangover image

Are you suffering?

I am!

I had enough vacation saved up this past year to take off from lunch on December 24th through January 1st. It was great. The best part of it was that my wife and son were there the whole time.

My wife is a elementary school teacher so she gets off in the summer and some time around the holidays. Very seldom do we get off for any length of time at the same time unless for vacations. This year things worked out and with her being pregnant it meant a lot of time around the house enjoying just being together as a family.

We were able to get up have pancake breakfast together, watch movies, nap, and play with B’s Christmas presents.

Then came the evening of January 1st. Neither my wife nor I wanted to go to bed because we do not want this to be over. We stayed up late and regretted it the next morning…and still to this day.

I kept telling my wife the entire week that I needed to have a brilliant idea that could allow us to do this forever. Well, that hasn’t happened… Yet! :)

So yes we are in a holiday hangover, wishing we could get back to enjoying those lazy days with each other just soaking in all day family time.

Are you suffering from a holiday hangover?

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