Disney World Brings Out the Kid in You

Big B with a couple of the guys from Monsters U!

Recently we had the opportunity to take a family vacation to the land of Mickey Mouse.

Yes, I mean Disney World.

I had been my first time a couple of years ago on a previous family vacation with my wife and son and I have to say it was a lot of fun. This time however it would be a lot different for a few reasons.

1. We had added another member to our family in the addition of Little E in January of this year.

2. Our son was a couple of years older and he would be able to enjoy it more.

3. We were going to be able to stay longer. Last time we were only able to go to one park for one day. This trip we were going to be able to go to various parks for five whole days!

With those new factors being added to this trip to Disney my wife and I new it would make for a magical trip for all of us. Even my wife and I love the aura that surrounds Disney. It just brings out the kid in you. 

Disney is a very family and kid friendly place. As an adult you are amazed as the detail that is put into all of the parks and the flashbacks you have of the classic Disney characters your remember from your childhood along with the other new ones that you have been able to enjoy with your kids.

Disney does one thing above all else though and that is making you feel like you are the most important person there. All of the employees are very courteous and helpful. My son was alway made to feel like he was the king of the park. Disney makes sure that the kids are happy which in result makes the parents happy. They have the recipe for what makes the place great and they have become great at it.

Kudos to Disney for making my family vacation a very memorable one and making my wife and I feel like we were kids again!

What is your most favorite family vacation that you have ever been on?

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