Looking for God

A little over a month ago I was at the house and my wife and I were sitting in the living room watching tv. Our son was sitting in the room with us playing.
Our son gets up an heads back to his room. I think he is going back to get more toys to play with.

A while goes by…

So I get up and tell my wife I am going to check on our son and see what he is up to. So I head back to the room to see what he is doing.

I creep back there to just get a peak of what he is doing. He is sitting down looking through one of his picture Bibles. I softly, trying not to startle him, ask him what he is doing. His response puts new meaning to “faith like a child.”

His response to me was…

“I am looking for God.”

Wow. I am sitting watching a meaningless tv show and my son, who is three, is looking for God. It really made me look at myself and ask myself when the last time I looked for God.

He is all around us if we just take the time to look. That night I saw God in the loving head of a three year old. I cannot be more happy that the three year old is my son.

When is the last time you looked or God? Or seen His acts around you?

  • http://billgrandi.com bill (cycleguy)

    From the mouth of babies. I see several things here. You and your wife have obviously done a good job of showing the importance of your faith. Second, I see a lesson that you have already picked up on. Sometimes we have to get away from the fray to seek what is really important.

    BTW: Palau book was a good read. Thanks.

    • http://www.geekfori.com Matthew Snider

      I am with Bill. I am glad for your family that the little man likes to retreat and look for God. I need to be more like that day in and day out.

      IN Acts the first church did just that, day in and day out, we can’t do it when we want it needs to be all the time!

      Thanks man for sharing!

  • http://www.spiritualklutz.com Spiritual Klutz

    That was beautiful. My daughter sang “Away in a Manger” in her bed for about ten minutes straight tonight, and I realized her prayer life is way better than mine. This post pretty much confirms it. Thanks for sharing.

    • http://www.thedailywalk.net Adam

      You bet. I love watching and listening to my son. He reveals so much I have lacking in me. I have another post coming soon on something he said the other day that blew my mind…

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