Monday Questions #11: Getting Things Done

As I sit here and write this post I am taking a break from my real job. Things have been hectic as of late, and I have found it hard to find time to work a blog post in. I have also found it even harder to stay on top of all the feeds coming into my reader. I love blogging and hope to get back into my old routine soon…

I guess I should be happy we are busy at work…Right?

Anyway, as I rush to beat the stroke of midnight I give you todays Monday Questions:

1. How many feeds do you currently subscribe to in your reader?

2. What feed reader do you use?

3. What time of day do you work blogging into your schedule?

My answers:

1. 163 and I am about to review and cut back.

2. Reader for Mac (and I love it!). Google Reader everywhere else.

3. I used to blog at lunch. As of late though I work whenever I can…

Alright… Now it’s your turn!

  • David

    1. I’m not sure how many I currently follow. I’m not as organized as I should be when it comes to the sites I follow.

    2. I use Feedly and Pulse. I’m also a little old school and have my favorite blogs bookmarked.

    3. Unfortunately my schedule is really crazy and so I squeeze my writing in whenever I can.

    • Adam

      Same here with the schedule. Lately I have found blogging and following blogs to be a challenge!

  • bill (cycleguy)

    I have 70 in my Reader

    Google Reader

    Anytime I can find time.

    • Adam

      Google Reader is hard to beat. I have tried others, but when it comes to an online reader few compare.

  • Rob Shepherd

    I follow 40 in a reader, but I try to click over and read others people’s blogs when they leave a comment.

    I use Blogger. It has google reader built into it.

    In the morning before work and on the weekends. I try to write two or three blogs on Saturday so I can stay ahead during the week.

    • Adam

      I try to comment on others that comment on my blog as well. To me that is just a little courtesy I can show the for taking the time to do the same here…

  • Michael

    1. 64. I have cut it in half.
    2. Google Reader. But I’m open for suggestions.
    3. I try to during the day when time opens up and schedule it for that evening.

    • Adam

      For Mac users Reeder is the way to go hands down!

      I need to cut the stuff I follow in half. It would make things a whole lot more manageable.

  • Joseph

    I only have 19 but its very difficult for me to find time to even stay on top of those 19. So if you’re in my reader you’re part of a select group. :)

    Google reader is all I use right now.

    I find time when I can. I may read a post here or there or 10 in one setting.

    • Adam

      “Select Group” Nice :)

  • dustin

    1. How many feeds do you currently subscribe to in your reader?
    - 258 – but about 50 that I read regularly. The rest I scan the headlines.

    2. What feed reader do you use?
    - Reeder. It’s an excellent client that pulls from my Google Reader.

    3. What time of day do you work blogging into your schedule?
    - Usually at night before bed.

    • Adam

      258…Wow! I do a lot of headline skimming as well…

  • Jason Fountain

    1. 73 Subscriptions
    2. Google Reader
    3. I try to write on Saturday morning for the upcoming week. I get too stressed writing the night before I post (although I end up doing that too much).

    • Adam

      I should try to knock out posts for the week on the weekend. Something always seems to be going on though…

  • Moe

    1. How many feeds do you currently subscribe to in your reader?
    around 100 (I glance some, I read some, I comment on about 50 of them)

    2. What feed reader do you use?
    The best: Reeder for mac, reeder for iOS (iPad and iPhone)

    3. What time of day do you work blogging into your schedule?
    Late at night or early in the morning.

    *are you collecting all this monday data and indexing and making your own blogging search engine? Just wondering. :)

    • Adam

      I should… To much data makes me noxious though!

  • Randy

    1. Only 20…recently did some house cleaning.
    2. Google Reader…used to use Flock, but they went out of business
    3. Mostly early morning.

    I have several unread posts, right now though. I need to catch up!

    • Adam

      I have been playing the catch up game as of late. I know how you feel man!

  • Ryan Tate

    1. I have about 122. I read about half, and scan the other half.

    2. Google Reader.

    3. I blog in the morning, at lunch, or late at night.

    • Adam

      Sound like you blog when you get a chance. Same here!

  • Steven

    Dude, totally understand the busy thing. Work has been getting more hectic; but, I took some time off of my full-time job last week to do VBS at our church (where I am on staff in the children’s ministry). I put in more than a full-time week’s worth of work with 10-12 hour days; and, on top of that, I decided to blog about the week! Got the blogs done; but, no time to keep up with anybody else’s :)

    It really was a great week though and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

    1. 25 feeds.
    2. Google Reader.
    3. Whenever I can…but, mostly in the late evenings after the children go to bed.

    • Adam

      I would love to be able to blog in the evenings, but after chasing a two year old around most of the evening I am ready for bed…

  • chris vonada

    Hey Adam!

    1. I subscribe to 8 right now…

    2. Google reader, though I should try the mac one now that you’ve mentioned it.

    3. Since blogging/writing is me it’s pretty much all day depending on what else I have going on.

    Be Great!!

    • Adam

      You should absolutely try Reeder. I think you will love it!

  • Jon

    1. Around 30….Wowza and I thought 30 was a lot.
    2. Google reader.
    3. Usually late night…that seems to be when the creative juices start to flow for me :)

    • Adam

      Yea I know. I need to do some cleaning of the reader soon…

  • Ben Reed

    1. 112
    2. NetNewsWire for Mac and iPhone
    3. As far as finishing blog posts, it’s one of the first things I do in the mornings. But then throughout the day, I’m jotting notes and ideas down for future posts as I get them.

    • Adam

      I constantly jot things down in Evernote throughout the day. I would be so unorganized without it…

  • Jon Stolpe

    1. 159
    2. Google Reader
    3. Usually, I blog early in the morning – sometimes, I blog at lunch time.

    • Adam

      I do a lot of lunch time blogging as well.

  • Ricky Anderson


    Google Reader.

    Before/after work, weekends.

    I can’t put too many in my reader because I can’t NOT read an entire post. I feel rude for some reason.

    I don’t comment too much since most things I have to say are usually already said by the time I get there. For instance, I’ve had this post starred in Google Reader for two weeks and just now have time to comment.

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