Weight is one of the most important things in any individual’s life. Gone are the days when only women thought about losing pounds and maintaining their weights; now, most of the men believe in spending at least one to two hours back at the gym for the sake of their health and bodies.

But if you tell me that you have no time to concentrate on your health, I completely understand. Considering the fact that it is quite difficult to survive in today’s era, I can understand how hard it is for you to take out some time for yourself. Yet, for the sake of your health, which is perhaps the most important thing, you need to balance your weight. Most of the illnesses and diseases (including mental and emotional problems) happen due to increased weight.

Higher cholesterol levels, obesity, depression, lack of confidence, loss of interest in appearing good, etc. are some of the problems an individual may go through because of his increased weight. Thus, I am here to share some tips with you so that you follow them and balance you weight. Let us find out about them by reading below:

  • Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water in a day. The first thing that you do after getting up is perhaps brush your teeth. After that, you straight way boil some water, add coffee powder and sip on some warm coffee. However, the first thing that you must do from tomorrow after brushing your teeth is drink a glass full of warm water.
  • Before beginning with your breakfast, eat fruits, preferably apples, oranges and papaya. For a change (if your breakfast does not include milk), you can even eat muskmelon and watermelon.
  • Make sure you carry a handful of dry fruits to your office. Whenever you have the cravings to ‘munch on something’, eat almonds, apricots or walnuts. Avoid cashew nuts.
  • Drink at least one cup of warm milk every day. Prefer warm milk, even if you don’t like it. Warm water and milk help in maintaining the weight of your body.
  • If you think you can take out some time every day, go for a brisk walk in the morning. Brisk walking in the evenings or nights doesn’t help as much as it does in the morning.
  • Avoid sugar as much as you can. Sugar in milk, tea and coffee is okay. However, DO NOT consume sugar free on daily basis because it can affect your health negatively.
  • Eat raisins every day. If you don’t like the brown ones, eat black currants (four of them) early in the morning after the glass of warm water.
  • If you are unable to take time to work out, prefer getting involved in different physical activities. You can always return home and play with your kids or pets to stay maintained.
  • Instead of the escalators and elevators, prefer taking the staircase (unless you stay on a really higher floor)
  • Stress is the biggest cause of weight gain. Avoid being stressed and stay healthy!