Top Post of 2012: What We Do Echoes Through Eternity


I wrote this post a while back and it has consistently stayed at the top of to read posts here on the blog. As father’s we should really look at the actions we take every single day. Our children are direct examples of our actions. The way we act around them and raise them and they will echo your values far into the future.

I hope you enjoy this re-post of a favorite here on the blog!

Ben that writes over at Ben Sayin asked his readers to pick one of the quotes that he had listed on his blog and write their feelings about it.

The one that resonates with me was:

“What We do In Life Echoes for Eternity”

First off, Gladiator is one of my favorite movies of all time. If you have not seen it, shame on you. Go rent it!

The reason this means so much to me is because it makes me look at myself, and ask myself:

What are you doing to further the Kingdom of God, and impact the lives of the people who are around you?

The reason this comes to mind is that when I look back at my life I want to look back and know without a doubt that I have changed the lives of people around me. That I have impacted those around me for the better, and that I have exuded the Love of God on a daily basis.

If I have the ability to impact lives what I have done will carry on for years to come.

I look at my son. He is only two, but my actions that he picks up from me as he grows will most certainly impact his future and will most certainly impact his children and those around him down the road. If I can raise him to love others and share the love of God with those around him I feel that what I have done will echo for eternity. Hopefully what I instill in him will one day lead him to the foot of the Cross asking for his salvation and seal his eternity.

So when I saw this quote it made me think about what I am doing in people’s lives that will live on for eternity. Am I doing my best to show God’s love and grace to those around me that will resonant in them something they will want to pursue and could possibly change their lives and the people they may come into contact with?

When I look back I hope that I can say yes!

Does Gladiator make your top 10 favorite movies?


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