Although the world never appreciates her, a woman is someone who does almost everything that a man can do and even more than that. I know my male readers would not like me writing all these or questioning them such things, but – every woman can cook; can every man cook? Every woman knows how to keep the house neat, clean and maintained; can we expect the same from every man? Every woman knows how to keep a comma and full stop to her emotions; does every man know the same? Lastly, every woman can give birth to a baby; can any man naturally deliver a life?

It is quite difficult for a woman to lead her life happily, especially when she is never appreciated for the works she does all throughout her life. I may sound feminist, but this has always happened with me. No matter how much I do, I am never appreciated by the men around me. There was a time when I never took care of my health and believed in taking care of others. Slowly and gradually, I realized that I should be the most important person in my life and now, I make sure that I do the following things to keep myself healthy and fit:

  • Meditate with my best friends. I am perhaps one of the luckiest women to have three best friends in life. The best time in the day is when I meditate with them every morning. If you have friends who stay close to your house, meditate with them and see the difference in your mental health.
  • For the sake of my health and wellness, I avoid junk food no matter how much I crave for potato wedges or burgers. I know fast food chains can slower down my metabolism rate!
  • I brisk walk for at least 40 minutes in a day. I am also a working woman and find it difficult to take the extra time for myself, but I make sure to spend at least 40 minutes on my body. After all, my body needs my attention too!
  • I drink as much water as I can. Thanks to all that water, I am able to keep my weight maintained and have a glowing and beautiful skin. After all, what matter us more than beauty and weight!
  • I laugh with my girlfriends very often. You may be surprised by this point in here, but laughter is the best medicine perhaps. You must meet those people who are positive and spread positivity in your life. If you have such friends – you are truly blessed!
  •  Instead of taking the elevator, I use the staircase to climb up to the floor of my office (which is on the fifth floor), thanks to which I have a balanced weight.
  • I was addicted to smoking once. Now, I have brought the habit to one cigarette in a day (which is truly an achievement for me!)

All my coffee bottles have been replaced with green tea sachets. You need to do the same for your body!