Every woman has a different experience during her periodical cycles. While some of the women have moderate to severe cramps in periods, there are others that experience no pains at all. In fact, I have personally talked to a lot of women about periods and some of them stated that they don’t even come to know when they start bleeding and end with their periods every month (if only I was that lucky!)

If you ask me, I go through a lot of menstrual cramps every month. No matter which pain killer I have or position in which I lay down, the cramps take their own sweet times to get out of my lower belly. However, slowly and gradually I began doing and avoiding different things for the sake of my periodical pains and noticed relief in the cramps.

I have made a list of the top five things that every woman must avoid for the sake of bringing down the pains during periods. Read below to know the list:


  • Avoid chilled drinks – I have personally noticed that my stomach aches a lot when I drink chilled milkshake or lemon iced tea during the first three days of my periods. Now, I prefer warm beverages in order to keep the pains as less as possible.
  • Avoid all the ‘white’ stuff – I don’t know how you would react to this, but my grandmother always suggested me to avoid all the white stuff during periods. At first, I thought she was just being conservative all the time, but slowly and gradually, I experienced the changes in my body during periods when I didn’t consume the white stuff in the special days. White things include white bread, milk, rice, etc.
  • Avoid heavy exercises or jogging during the first three days – Exercising during periods is okay, as long as you don’t over stress your body. Replace your regular jogs with brisk walking and your aerobic exercises with light stretching positions. Lighter the exercises you do, lesser the flow of blood in periods.
  • Avoid being in the same sanitary napkin for more than two hours – I know how expensive some of the sanitary napkins (or pads) are and how you feel when you have to change them again and again. But trust me – for the sake of your health and periodical pains, you need to change the napkin after every two hours.
  • Avoid being alone during periods – Women feel too depressed and low when they are in their ‘chums.’ I go out with my friends during my periods so that I am able to divert my mind from the pains or cramps. I am blessed with lovely friends who help me cope up with all sorts of stress that I go through in my life. If you are someone who stays alone at home, make new friends or keep some trust worthy roommates with whom you can chill every now and then. Stress is perhaps the biggest contributor to periodical cramps and thus, you must avoid it to keep the pains away.